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I love to cook. Moreover, I love to eat. And drink. And indulge. Of course, being French helped a lot to grow passion over the years. I also have been lucky enough to count a certain number of chefs in my friends, so I have always been exposed to real cooking. In late 2014, I have been received in the Ordre Culinaire International, that promotes French Cuisine worldwide by defending quality terroir products; enabling knowledge transfer from senior and professional members to younger members eager to improve their cooking skills; and develop the food trade through new technology and innovative products. I since then serve as their webmaster, and ambassador to United Arab Emirates.

Since I moved to Dubai, the weather conditions are ideal for outdoor grilling, and I have access to some fantastic meat supplies from all over the world, so I naturally focused my efforts on the art of barbecuing. I acquired a Weber Summit S-670, one of the best gas grills available on the market, with six burners and a searing station, perfect for my favorite cut: a thick marbled ribeye steak! If you're new to this, remember what's important when you select your meat: Breeding (know your breeds, some are better for certain dishes than others), Feeding (grass is better than grain), Handling (stress is bad).